HHHunt Supports Relay for LifeHHHunt Supports Relay for LifeHHHunt Supports Relay for Life
How You Live Moments #HowYouLiveHHHunt Supports Relay for LifeHow You Live Moments #HowYouLive

HHHunt Supports Relay for Life

May 2016

Just about every one of us in the HHHunt organization has been affected by cancer, whether it be the loss of a family member or close friend, someone we know who is currently battling cancer, or even the caretaker of someone fighting this terrible disease.  Because of this, the HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads office decided to rally together and both sponsor and create a Relay For Life 2016 team for fundraising!

On May 7th, close to 3,500 people passed through Todd’s Stadium in Newport News to walk, pay tribute and fundraise for cancer research. Our “Team HHHunt Homes Believes In Hope” t-shirt giveaway was a hit and it was absolutely wonderful to see so many community members walking the track with our shirt on showcasing that bold sentence on the back, “Because it’s how you live that matters.” Those words couldn’t have been more true on a day like this.

Every day a cancer patient lives to tell their story matters, every day that someone grieves the loss of a loved one matters, their strength, perseverance and positivity matters, how they live matters and plays a huge role in the successes of their daily lives.  Overall, the day was a huge success for our team and for cancer research in Virginia.

We laughed, we cried, we even did the Wobble! The Hampton Roads team was truly humbled by the day and the experience and is looking forward to carrying on this tradition in the future!

Because it’s how you live that matters.

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